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A Discharge Plan for an Elderly Patient Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

A Discharge Plan for an Elderly Patient - Essay Example Even though Mr. Trosack is hopeful of going back home and living a normal life where he goes to work in his bakery, there are concerns about his mobility, especially the stairs and pain control issues. He would have been helped by his son and daughter in law but they have very tight working schedules that force them to work long hours. His son and daughter in law doubt the diagnosis of Mr. Trosack’s diabetes. Their effectiveness of caring for him is therefore questionable in regard to giving him his new medication and medication regimen. It also raises concerns about moving Mr. Trosack from his long time home, church participation and routine lifestyle since this would cause a lot of anxiety for Mr. Trosack. A lot of safety factors also need to be taken into consideration. These include the fact that his house is cluttered, therefore making difficult for him to move around with a walker. It also increases the chance that he might fall again. Mr. Trosack’s bathroom does not have any safety features that will ensure his safety. He has a lot of expired medication and foods in the refrigerator. There needs to be an interdisciplinary team that will be responsible for designing the best discharge plan for Mr. Trosack. The team should have a manager, a physical therapist, a social worker, a nurse and a physician. The role of the physician would be to provide input on the physical capacity of Mr. Trosack and his expectations on of progress, safe medical equipment, outpatient physical therapy and order medication. The physical therapist would be responsible for providing input on the physical capabilities of Mr. Trosack such as his tolerance level to activities, his strength, mobility and endurance. The role of the primary nurse...This paper will report on the most appropriate discharge placement for an elderly patient by the name Mr. Trosack. Mr. Trosack is set to be discharged from hospital where he underwent a total hip replacement surgery. This case st udy revolves around Mr. Trosack, a 72-year old man who is recovering from a hip surgery that he recently underwent. This paper is a discharge plan for Mr. Trosack so as to ensure that his discharge is faced with the least issues possible. So far, Mr. Trosack’s recovery is going well and he is ambulating well using a walker. Because of this, Mr. Trosack can finally be discharged from hospital so that he can go and continue with his recovery at home. It is therefore the duty of the healthcare team to develop a workable discharge plan for the patient. Mr. Trosack is known to guard his independence strongly. This is evident in the fact that for two years now, since the passing of his wife of very many years, he has been living alone. He has spent most this time living in the same apartment. Mr. Trojack works in a bakery that he jointly owns with his brother Karl. He is a very religious person who is keen on attending church services and participating in church activities. He rare ly gets adequate time to socialize with his son and daughter in law because they do not participate in church activities and have very long working hours. In conclusion, the recovery plan of Mr. Trosack can ensure that he returns home and continues with his recovery process. There should be other support systems to ensure that Mr. Trosack recovers well from home.

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